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Las Villas, spanning over 20,528 sq ft (2,000 sq mt), is more than just a villa; it's a transformation of tradition into modern luxury. A dated structure from the late 1980s, we've reinvented it into a space that embodies the essence of Mexico with Tulum inspiration, while harmoniously blending with the beautiful nature and surroundings of Puerto Vallarta, with endless views of the Pacific Ocean.

The Transformation

After two years of extensive renovations, we've revitalized everything to unveil its current grandeur. This includes a new large palapa and bar, an expanded grand sala, living and dining room, majestic outdoor staircases, enlarged pools,  a new commercial kitchen and expansive areas to unwind, relax and entertain.

Architectural Beauty

Our architecture and design are modern Mexican with a Tulum twist. We've used smooth Concrete Conteria Stone, Polished Concrete, Mexican Flagstone, 3 large native palm Palapas , Stone Inlays, and Mexican Tropical Hardwood throughout. With a  neutral color palette is inspired by Mexico's beaches.

Interior and Décor

The interiors are a mix of contemporary designs, prioritizing comfort. We've curated interior treasures from across Mexico and the globe, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

"Where Design Harmonizes with Nature, Enhancing Rather Than Distracting"

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